Friday, June 27, 2014

The Mutinous Boomer Speaks!

Confessions of an Instinctively Mutinous Baby Boomer
and her 
Parable of the Tomato Plant

Special blog post written by the Mutinous One 

Marsha Roberts

A few weeks ago I  released "Confessions of an Instinctively Mutinous Baby Boomer" as an audiobook - truly a labor of love. My best gal friend also happens to be a fabulous actress I've worked with for years: Della Cole. You see, I'm also a theatrical producer and Della and I have traveled the globe together entertaining American troops and their families, here in the states and overseas. I share some of these adventures in my Mutinous Boomer book and since Della was actually there during many of them, she is able to bring a personal warmth to the narration that you rarely hear in an audiobook. Reviewers have often commented that my style of writing is like sitting down with an old friend, sharing life lessons over a cup of coffee. Della's approach to the narration definitely captures that tone and I couldn't be more pleased that she's my "voice."

~~>> AUDIO SAMPLE <<~~

Of course my book is also available as an ebook, which means that if you have a Kindle, the Whispersync technology is available, where you can listen to it when you like, then when you're ready to pick it up and read again, it's synced up to where you left off! Amazing how they do that! Plus, for those who would rather curl up to a physical book, Mutinous Boomer is also in paperback.

What is my book about? It's about what happens when real life collides with real miracles! Is it a memoir? Yes, in a way. Is it spiritual? Certainly, in that everything is. Do I reveal my deepest, darkest secrets? A few of them. Why should someone want to read or listen to it? I'll quote one of my reader's reviews, "If you believe in miracles, or if you don't and you would like to, read this book." Or listen to it!


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  1. Thanks for lending me a spot on your terrific blog, Hunter! Since I spent much of my mutinous youth in and around Peachtree Street, I too am in Exile and happily so! Cheers!