Sunday, October 28, 2012

Stop Breaking Down

I have lived my life excessively, probably too excessively. I am a complete extrovert, more in keeping with the personality traits of Hemingway, Fitzgerald and my namesake Hunter S. Thompson rather than the reclusive, introspective writers such as Lovecraft and my personal hero, Anne Rice. 

I want the experience of living, always have. As a person that has always grabbed the bull by the horns, I now find that I can no longer even get a peep at either the bull or the horns for at least another tow or three months.

Wednesday the doctor discovered that my Achilles hasn't attached properly following my surgery earlier this year. Just when I was beginning to walk and drive, I find out that the entire process has to begin again. Luckily, I drove to Tennessee for a few days last week and enjoyed the sunshine and gorgeous Autumn weather before getting the news. My partner and I even had sushi one afternoon. It was great.

Now, I have to undergo the anguish for a second time. What is my lesson here? Is there even a lesson or is it just a cruel twist of fate? It's not the surgery I dread as much as the pain involved in the aftermath. Pain doesn't produce great art, pain produces the desire that makes you wish you could find anything to help you escape the pain. 

Oh well, I won't think about that today. I'll think about that tomorrow. 

"...if you think you lose your mind." Robert Johnson

Special thanks to the entertainment offered by The Rolling Stones and Jack White in the writing of this blog.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

All Down The Line

We're gonna open up the throttle yeah
We're gonna bust another bottle yeah
All down the line. 


It's on - Fables of the Reconstruction is a done deal. Let's just check, line by line, what's been accomplished the last few months to get this baby out there:
  • Fables is actually completed, edited and formatted. No small feat that.
  • At least 30 interviews have been scheduled or completed.
  • One blogger said my interview brought in almost double the usual views for a first time indie author. Kewl.
  • Blurt Magazine, the music magazine musician's read, will feature Fables of the Reconstruction in their quarterly print edition - the first time they have promoted an indie author. Kudos to them for being pioneers of all indie artists!
  • Creative Loafing Atlanta is giving Fables a shout out AND an editorial spotlight is pending. Wow. People love it when a Southern girl writes a book about paranormal erotica.
  • The first critique of Fables has been received and the email beautifully said "Original and fascinating." The thought, as an artist, that someone found the work to be original is truly the greatest compliment ever.
  • Guess I'm actually an artist now. I understand how authors, musicians, actors and painters receive inspiration through dreams, coincidences, and random thoughts - and how they translate the concept via their art.

I have a secret. Stay tuned and I'll let you know a bit more in November.

Thank you to everyone that has supported and encouraged me throughout this amazing process. I love you all. You know who you are. xoxo

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Torn & Frayed

So much has happened in the last few hours. I wanted to write everything down because I may not remember all these feelings later.

First, I couldn’t decide on ‘Happy’ or ‘Torn & Frayed’. Since I was torn--so to speak--over the title for this blog, that made the decision. Oh, for any of you that aren’t Rolling Stones fans, Exile on Main Street is one of the best albums of all time. No offense intended to any of my great musician friends--I believe it’s the best rock and roll album of all time. It’s the inspiration for Exile on Peachtree Street. All my blogs are titles of the songs on Exile on Main Street.

Any of you that know me or follow my blog know that I started writing my book because I suffered a severe Achilles tendon tear which required extensive surgery. My Achilles tendon has been rebuilt. I have been in a leg cast and immobile for months. The doctor ended the pain pills long ago. How to get through the pain?
Well, write a book of course. I can’t walk, I can’t drink and until a few weeks ago I couldn’t even fuck, so might as well let my imagination run wild, right? You have to come up with some way to pass the time of day. You can’t just sit around, as the old saying goes. The other old saying is the idle mind is the playground of the devil. Both sayings are appropriate, considering the circumstances.

Off I go on the book writing journey, armed only with an idea, the book’s title and two characters. The book was completed last week and here’s what happened in the last few hours. Yesterday I connected with my badass editors. I like their style. They ripped Fables from one end of hell to the other. I’m totally cool with it, as long as it makes my creation as entertaining as possible for the readers. Both editors get the plot and the characters. I trust them. The manic rewrite has begun.

Good news followed by more good news. Earlier today the surgeon took me out of a leg cast. The shock of seeing a twelve inch scar from my ankle up my calf will never leave my mind. The doctor calls it my racing stripe. I really is cooler than having a tattoo, because you gotta be one tough bitch to get a scar like mine. The good news you ask?  I walked today for the first time in months. I don’t consider myself an emotional person. Today I cried tears of sheer joy. Sure, I’m in a walking cast and on crutches, but who really cares? I am back on my feet. Oh no, another cliché although it is appropriate.

The doctor encouraged me to go out.

“Go out?” I say, “As in go out to dinner or for a few drinks?”

“Yes, go out.”

Those three words set me free.

My sweet partner wants to go to a posh wine bar and enjoy a romantic dinner. That sounds nice but we’ve been trapped together for months. You know what sounds like heaven? There’s a guitar bar in Midtown Atlanta. It’s my favorite place in town because it reminds me of Nashville. On Friday nights you can show up, bring your guitar and have a $2 beer. It’s loud, noisy and I can’t wait. I’ve been away much too long. Oh, all the sexual mischief I can get into, now that I'm free. I'm inspired.

Another saying we have here is good things happen in three’s. Join the sexy and talented Kharisma Rhayne as she interviews me today at

Just as long as the guitar plays
Let it steal your heart away     Jagger/Richards