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"Love Wears A White Stetson"

Here we are, getting prepared to jump head first into 2015. The promise of new beginnings has an allure that few of us can resist. For many of us, the last few years have held too much pain and many sorrows. There is always the dream that maybe…just maybe…dreams do come true. A new year beckons. Possibly, this will be the year we have waited for.

Fortune Brawling: The Story of Dallas Fortune . (The Fortune Series Story 2.) is set to be released in March 2015. Best selling author Jennifer Theriot has contributed to the novelette and introduces us to Dallas Fortune’s BFF, musician Jodie Marie Jennings from Ft. Worth, Texas.  You will also meet a new character named Tom Vanderfleet who recalls a quote from a guitar man long ago…Love wears a white Stetson. Here’s an excerpt from Fortune Brawling, where we meet Tom Vanderfleet.
The cell phone rang at the exact time the email had stated. Nervously, I punched accept and answered.
“Hello, please hold the line for Mr. Jordan Simmons.” With a click I was placed into a world of elevator music, wondering if this would be a good call or a bad call. Dallas won’t accept any calls from me or answer my emails. If I could talk to her, we could get this all going the right way. We don’t need lawyers or receptionists or elevator music. All we need is to see each other one more time. I will let her know the truth and we can have a real chance at happiness. If she will just give me that one chance I can explain everything.
A man’s voice brought me to reality. “This is Jordan Simmons calling you from Nashville, Tennessee. Our call will be recorded, as part of the legal procedure we are pursuing. In order to keep our discussion brief, please only answer the question you are asked. Do you understand?”
“Your full legal name please?”
Thomas Garrett Vanderfleet IV”
“238 Lookout Lane, Sand Mountain, Alabama 35951.”
“Currrently unemployed but…”
Please, only answer the question you are asked, Mr. Vanderfleet. Understood?”
“Yessir, I do.”
“Where you at Bud’s, located at 13786 Ringgold Road, Trenton Georgia 30752 on the night of March 31 of this year?”
“Yessir, I was there.”
“Did you meet a female by the name of Dallas Fortune?”
“Meet her? I married her!”
“Mr. Vanderfleet, may I call you Tom?”
“We’re going to follow a logical process of questioning here. Got it Tom? I ask the question you in turn will answer the question and nothing more. Do I make myself clear? Do you understand?”
“Got it, Mr. Simmons. I’m just all emotional like over this.”
“A completely human emotion, Tom. You’ve had a bit of excitement in a short amount of time. I’m here to help you get it all unraveled so that you can get on with your life.”
“What if I don’t want to get on with my life? At least not without her.”
A pen tapped on the table, with the tapping mirroring my heartbeat. After a pause, Jordan Simmons said, “Look Tom, Dallas is something else and one helluva woman, but I assure you, man-to-man, there is not a force on the planet that will make a woman stay with a man once she’s made up her mind to go. Now, I know that from personal experience. Once they’re ready to go, there is no way on earth to make them stay. This is off the record, by the way. No amount of money, flowers or gifts will do it. I know. Hell, I’ll be working til I’m eighty years old. I’ve got two ex-wives, three kids, a 28 year old girlfriend, well actually two 28 year old girlfriends, and I will never make any of these women happy. Look what Liz Taylor did to Richard Burton. He gave her the biggest diamond in the world. Didn’t work. She keeps the diamond. They’ve got what we want. If you get in too deep, you get addicted not only to IT, but to her. Those smart ones work on a man just like heroin or whiskey. You can’t get over IT and you can never get enough of IT. Sounds as if Dallas gave you a big dose of IT. Maybe more IT than you have ever had. Probably the best IT you have ever had. But, I guarantee you, once they decide they are over you, it’s done, it’s over, it’s like Rover and it’s dead all over. Now, can we get on with this? I ain’t got all day.”
“All right Mr. Simmons. You’re a little high strung, but I get your drift. Let’s get on with the questions.”
“To recap; you were at Bud’s on Friday night, March 31, earlier this year. While you were at Bud’s you met a female named Dallas Fortune. You can call me Jordan, if you’d like.”
“Yessir, I did. Thank you Jordan.”
“If you will Tom, please state what type of establishment Bud’s is.”
“Bud’s is what we call here a honky tonk. It has music, alcohol and Bud’s has the best fried boloney sandwiches in the Chattanooga area. On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s there’s dollar beer night from 6:00 to 8:00pm. Wednesday is Ladies Night. All women get in free.”
“Sounds like my kinda place, Tom. Now, tell me what you believe happened that night.”
(C) 2015 Ra Jones Publishing
Here’s the international link to Fortune Calling, The Story of Dallas Fortune.

This short story is currently available for only 99c so get a copy today. It’s been the #1 Historical Fiction short story on Amazon and ranked at #8 Cultural Heritage in 2014. (Thank you for that!)
You can follow the Pinterest board for The Fortune Series 
Fortune Sml

Listen to the playlist here.
Rumor has it that I’ve written a song which will be recorded by a very talented musician from Texas.
More on that at a later date.
May light and love ride into your life and carry you away in the new year. Today, I wish you all a safe, happy and prosperous 2015. May you see many dreams manifest throughout the year.
For now, please click on the following links to meet some of my friends. You will find romance, smokin’ hot love stories and a few happily-ever-afters. These writers have all helped make 2014 much brighter for me. They will entertain you and take you to new places.
Enjoy the experience.

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Season's Greetings!

Wishing you and your loved ones the magic of the holiday season throughout 2015. All the best!

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Fortune Calling #FREE Nov 20-21

Guitars. Hillbilly Music. Nashville, Tennessee.

Dallas Fortune is a small town girl with a gift for playing guitar. A member of her family has played the Grand Ol Opry since it began as a simple radio show in 1925. But, they are the minstrels, the troubadours--session players--not stars.Dallas lives her life on the road. She’s just another guitar player with a dream until she finds an antique blue mandolin in a pawn shop. Her life comes into focus as the enchantment of the mandolin captivates her audiences. The Guitar God of Nashville beckons her. Everything is there for Dallas at last, until a stage accident sends her home and shatters her dreams. Blow after blow she fights the hand of fate. Is she destined to lose out in life? Hope, dreams, and love seem to be just out of reach. Every girl dreams of a happy ending. Dallas Fortune has the best Fairy Godmother in Country Music history. Will she help make Dallas’ dreams come true?

Is the future among the stars, in the cards or locked in your heart?

Fortune Calling is the first story in The Fortune Series, The Story of Dallas Fortune. Set in contemporary Nashville and rural Tennessee, the series chronicles the life and loves of Dallas Fortune.

You can download FORTUNE CALLING for FREE on Amazon, November 20 & 21. Get it now! It's been a Kindle Short Read, Historical Fiction and Cultural Heritage best seller on Amazon. Find out why today.


Candle Magic

When Simi finds a pretty old candlestick among the discarded props in the company storeroom, she never imagines it will grant her dearest wish. There’s something mysterious about the carved candlestick, but Simi is drawn to it. She’s saved a red candle from a box she bought years ago in an antique shop, and intends to use the candlestick to hold the last candle and make her solitary Christmas lunch more festive. It’s Christmas Eve, there’s sleet in the wind, Simi slips, but Jason catches her. Who is Jason? Where has he suddenly appeared from in the night?
Simi looks into the eyes of this gorgeous man and sparks fly …

Erotic fantasy romance from Siren Publishing and Elodie Parkes

Advance teaser
The space between them pulsed, making Simi feel as if he actually pressed against her. The atmosphere suddenly laden with sexual tension, Simi stared down at the parquet floor as she led Jason down her apartment hall to the living room. She stopped and turned to him. He loomed in front of her like a magnet of pure sexual temptation. She dropped her bag by the coffee table and unbuttoned her overcoat. She dared to look into his eyes as she slid the coat off.
“Let me take your coat. The heating is on. We’ll get warm quickly now.” Her voice shook a little.

Jason took his overcoat off and handed it to her with a smile in his eyes.
“Thank you.”
“Sit down. I’ll take these and put some coffee on, or would you like a glass of wine? I think I have some bourbon, too.”
His voice low, he slowly sat on the end of the sofa as he answered, “Coffee is very welcome.”
She practically ran to the coat stand that was halfway down the hall near her kitchen door. She pulled her business suit jacket off and hung that there, too. With a little skip into the kitchen, Simi put coffee on. She left it to percolate and walked back to the living room. With every step, the need to be held against Jason’s muscled chest again grew, until when she saw him sitting quietly on the sofa, her heart gave a huge flip.
Find Elodie:

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Forever Blue by @ElodieParkes

Forever Blue is on sale for 99 cents #erotic #fantasy #romance
4 and a half stars from Manic Readers Forever Blue is a lovely little love story. It is ethereal to the max, and I pictured it, if it was a movie, as being shot with a soft focus lens, with muted colors. That is a testament to Parkes’ ability with the descriptive word.
I loved the story...

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Seattle, THE UNDERGROUND and PM Briede

In 1889, most of the city of Seattle burnt to the ground. The residents rebounded by using the ruin remnants to create the foundation for the new and improved city.

In 1965, Bill Spediel struck a deal with the new metropolis to turn a profit on the tragedy from almost a century earlier. Thus, The Underground was born, immediately spawning talk of ghosts.

In recent years, the myths morphed into stories of actual people living among the trash and filth that had built up beneath the city. These mythical people had become mockingly referred to as groundlings by the locals.

As the city is now held in the grips of a serial killer, Oz Seidon can't seem to focus on anything other than the groundlings. Having never put much stock into them before, a recent rash of sightings has piqued his curiosity. Oz intends to disprove the legend, using the research as an excuse to focus on something other than death, that is, until he stumbles upon one and learns how close to this story he really is.

Universal Purchase Link

I am a lover of all things artistic. I grew up surrounded by the performing arts both as a spectator and performer. That love of creation and design is the fuel for my writing now. Being able to create and entertain is a dream come true.
The imagination is a powerful thing, able to take you places you never dreamed. I write realistic fantasy. The idea of the possible having impossible explanations fascinates me. That idea is the driving force behind the Charlotte Grace series and The Underground.If you are interested in receiving updates when I release new books, please visit me on Facebook at

Social Media Links
Coming Soon Webpage:

1. Introduce yourself to readers in 100 words or less.
 I’m PM Briede, a writer of romance you can find in almost any situation.  I currently have four books out, the Charlotte Grace trilogy, Smoldering Embers, Wild Fire, and Ashes.  My fourth book, and first standalone novel, The Underground.  My stories are never exactly what they seem and filled with twists and turns that have profound impact on my characters.

 2. How long have you been a published author?
About a year now.  I released Smoldering Embers on my own in September 2013 and then was picked up by my publisher in October 2013.  We pulled my version, made some changes, and they re-released it in December 2013.
 3. Do you write in one particular genre, or explore a variety of stories?
The Charlotte Grace series is paranormal romance, which is what I thought I would write exclusively when I started.  My next series, The Empathy Delacroix series, which will be released next year, has a more criminal element to the storyline with a touch of the paranormal.  The Underground is not paranormal at all.  And my current work is steeped in demons.  So I'm a little all over the map, but in general my writing focuses on relationships and how situations and circumstances change people and therefore their interactions.
 4. Where do you get the ideas for your stories?
All over the place.  Charlotte Grace and Empathy Delacroix were both from dreams.  The Underground was from the underground tour in Seattle.  My current WIP is from wandering the cemeteries in New Orleans after my grandmother's funeral.  I just take a look at the world and wonder what could be different about it.
 5. What is your writing process
I write linearly and organically.  Short of some very specific ideas, I let the story tell itself.
 6. How much/often do you write?
I used to write for a few hours everyday after work.  Now that I have books released and am doing events, I try to get 10-15 hours in a week.  All in the evenings or on the weekends.
  7. Do you have readers or betas who critique your work before you submit for publication? Why do or why don’t you think this is important?
I had a friend read Charlotte Grace before I published it and of course she thought it was amazing.  So I published and found someone to read review, and they politely panned it.  It hurt at the time but it was good.  I needed that unbiased feedback.  I reworked a few things then got picked up by my publisher.  They have been amazing with great insight into my strengths and helped develop and improve my weaknesses as a writer.  I have four fans who agreed to beta The Underground, and that was fantastic as well because it gave me a little confidence boost.  For me, it's important on two sides.  I do want the constructive criticism.  My publisher has it in spades and presents his ideas in a helpful way.  I don't take them all but I do take some.  Then my readers can me insight and confirm whether my characters connect, not only with each other, but also with the reader.  That's what is important to me and I need to know that I'm doing it right.
 8. Please tell us how you developed the concept for The Underground.
My husband and I went to Seattle for our anniversary last year and took the underground tour.  I LOVED it!  The structures were amazing and beautiful and haunting.  My mind went into a whirl.  What if people lived down here?  Could people live down here?  If so, how would that look and why would they be here?  I toyed with a more dystopian story arc.  I toyed with aliens and monsters.  And then I settled on lies.  How lies can hold not only a person but a people back.  That's the thematic arc to The Underground.  How do you get out from under not only the lies you are told by others but also the ones you tell yourself.

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Fortune Calling

This is one of those posts I despise. A blog where a writer lets you know what they are thinking and feeling. But, I have to give you all a heartfelt thank you for this. I signed onto Amazon a few minutes ago to see how my newest launch was proceeding. Look what I found while there...

  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #12,099 Paid in Kindle Store 

  • This short story means a great deal to me and I'll tell you why. In 2013 I spent most of the year in Tennessee, helping take care of my mother, who passed in October 2013 of brain cancer. The months leading to her death were grueling however those months were nothing compared to the weeks following her death. Isolated in a rural community in Tennessee, I had a heaping portion of pain blended with heartbreak, and topped with despair. Stuck outside-of-nowhere-with-the-anywhere-but-here blues.  I prayed one night for a sign. 

  • Give me a sign. 

  • What came back? Shine. The word mom always told me before I went anywhere. Shine. Be your self. The way my mind works meant it could only mean one thing. Listen to the song by the incomparable Dolly Parton. She won a Grammy a few years ago with a bluegrass cover of Shine, which was originally recorded by Collective Soul. Did you know she covered it? It is an exemplary sound and a true work of musical artistry. Here is the official video. 

FORTUNE CALLING was inspired by Shine yet it took three months to write. Those 8269 words did not come easily. Eventually, the Story took over and wrote itself, as all stories do. Dallas Fortune and FORTUNE CALLING mean a great deal to me. There are a few things I have in common with Dallas and I am not going to share with you what they all are. Not yet. 

What I will share is that Dallas Fortune suffered, yet she had faith, hope and the promise of love. Faith, hope and love. The greatest of these are love. This little story was my faith in the arts during a time of grief, the hope of better things to come and the love of my husband, father, some family, a lot of friends- very special friends, and now you - for downloading this story and reading it. I am so thankful today and love you all for enjoying my story.  

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I’m Your Baby Tonight

Today, we’re visiting with author B.L Wilson. She is celebrating the release of her latest book, I’m Your Baby Tonight.  Before we get to the new book, here’s a little about this extremely talented and very reclusive author. B.L. Wilson lives New York City with Lucy Lou, an elderly cat, and a fifteen-year mellow yellow convertible named Honeybee. B.L. writes about what she knows the best…the Big Apple with all of its intriguing folks. According to B.L.’s brief bio…I’m a creator of romance who lost my way. I’m a dream weaver trapped in a world of useless information, bottom lines and bean counters. In short, I’m a writer. Here’s info about her previous works. 

In Safe Haven, a runaway ‘wife’ discovers love in the arms of a female doctor who treats her broken bones and bruises then mends her broken heart. Joanna Fairfield AKA Ms. Smith AKA June Davis is on the run from a murderous man who wants more than her love. Vicious killer Vernon Brown wants to take Joanna’s son, adopt him and kill her. Running away for the second time on a dark stormy night, Joanna stops in a place called Eagle View, North Carolina. It’s the small town her grandmother always claimed was a good place to raise any child. Her son, Danny is ill and she needs a doctor. When she meets the town’s one and only family doctor, Dr. Ellie Winston, sparks fly.
Safe Haven

AMAZON link for Safe Haven 
You Tube link for Safe Haven:
Old Man Peterson is a story of revenge and retribution inside one African American family. Lieutenant Abigaile Truman’s latest case involves a skeleton in the closet, literally; and it has been there sixty years. Ina Peterson’s husband has been missing for just that long, so odds are the skeleton is his. Thing is, Ina has what appears to be a serious case of dementia, and her fiery granddaughter Jannita has her claws out in her defense. She and Truman clash in every way—or do they? As the case progresses, increasingly sabotaged by outside forces, it becomes obvious that there is more than one skeleton in the Kennedy-Peterson closet, and someone is resorting to murder to keep them there. In this surprising, sassy romance, sparks of contention turn to passion as Ina’s story of struggle during the Depression in the South and betrayal and lust when she marries above her station slowly changes the lives of three very different women.
Old Man Peterson

AMAZON  link for Old Man Peterson
You Tube link for Old Man Peterson
I’m You Baby Tonight sets the stage for you to imagine you could be anybody that you wanted for one night. You could dress up in a magical costume and party ‘til the sun came up. Nobody not even your mother, if you had a mother, would know it was you. Suppose you learned a woman that you’d always wanted but had rejected you a million times, was attending the party, too. What do you do? Would you go to the party? If you went, who would you be and what would you wear? How would you recognize her?  A City Park Ranger trades in her identity for one night of loving an older woman who refuses to accept the real her.
Baby Tonight
 AMAZON link for I’m Your Baby Tonight 

  You Tube link for I’m you Baby Tonight:

You can connect with B.L. Wilson at these sites:
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October 29, 2014

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Immortal Rapture Series #MustReads #ParanormalRomance @lilian3roberts

Immortal Rapture Series #MustReads #ParanormalRomance @lilian3roberts

Originally published via, October 14, 2014

Lilian Roberts joined us on Expats a few weeks ago with her Arielle Immortal Journey, Book 5 in The Immortal Rapture Series. Today, I would like to welcome her back so that she can share some insights into the series as she releases Book 6 in the series – Arielle Immortal Fury. As October fades into November, what better time to curl up with a good fantasy, romance novel, right? Her timing is perfect! Lilian lives in Atlanta and, even with her hectic schedule, she took the time to have a cup of coffee and answer a few of my questions. Let’s take a look into the creative process this best selling romance author.

Lilian Roberts

The Writing Process:

Introduce yourself to our readers in 100 words or less.

I am a corporate engineer, wife and mother. I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my husband and my golden retriever. I am an avid reader and love to read novels that feature characters draped in passion, mystery, and adventure. I am especially fascinated with the concept of immortality.

How long have you been a published author?

4 years

Do you write in one particular genre, or explore a variety of stories?

I write Paranormal / Romance

Where do you get the ideas for your stories?

I love romance and I create a character or two and from there a story develops.

What is your writing process?

I write very late at night while everyone is asleep. I find that time to be the most creative one for me.

How much/often do you write?

Every day a page or two.

Do you have readers or betas who critique your work before you submit for publication?

I have an editor a proofreader and my publicist.

Why do or why don’t you think this is important?

It is important to make sure your book is clean of errors before it is published. The readers are very smart and they catch everything that everyone else missed.

Arielle Immortal Fury, Book 6
The Immortal Rapture Series

The Road to Publication:

How long have you been openly pursuing writing as a career?

5 years

Do you have an agent?

Yes I have an agent

If yes, how did you go about finding them?

It was totally coincidental. We met on Facebook and became friends. She is an author as well and my book manager.

Everything happens on social media, doen’t it? What do you perceive as the benefits to having an agent?

It is hard for an author to write and also worry about marketing their book. An agent has been in the marketing game for a long time and they know they best ways to make sure that your book is out there and your sales are increasing as the time goes by.

Your new release, Book 6, is part of a fantastic romantic fantasy series, The Immortal Rapture Series. Please tell us a bit about these books

It is a romantic fantasy adventure series for young adults and older. It has everything you could imagine that might enthrall a reader. That includes passion and romance, stunning trappings of glamour and wealth, as well fabulous settings, both contemporary and historical. There’s plenty of intrigue, ancient secrets, super powers, a cast of beautiful people and other interesting characters. At the center of the story, is Arielle, a very special college coed facing fantastical revelations at every turn. At her side is her perfect man, Sebastian, who is no ordinary prince charming. In tart, that’s because he’s immortal, but handsome and rich and a nice guy, too. They can’t get enough of each other, caught up in a love that captivates: body, mind and soul. Part of a close-knit group of friends, many of them have been through a lot together through out the books. Those friendships are almost as integral to the story as the love affair between Arielle and Sebastian. That’s a good thing, too, since there are mysterious forces aligning against them, ruthless villains, and plots afoot.

Are you self-published or do you have a traditional publisher?

I have a contract with a publishing company out of Seattle Washington “Booktrope”

Why did you make that choice?

It was very hard to handle a series of 8 books on my own. Plus the expenses were enormous. Editors, proofreaders, blurb writers, formatting company, and marketing. Booktrope has assigned a team of people that make sure my books are edited, proofread, formatted and marketed correctly. They make sure my covers are designed by expert designers to make the book more appealing. Booktrope has made my life a lot easier and I now can concentrate in writing.

If you could have any job (besides being a writer), what profession would you choose?

From a young girl I wanted to be an engineer and I became that before I started to write and became a published author.

What’s next for Author Lilian Roberts?

I am working on a historical Romance about the British Regency.

Anything you’d like to add or that we should know about you?

Writing has become a passion larger than I thought it could ever be.

Thank you Lilian. Your journey into publishing is truly inspiring. I love the way you have worked to develop your writing, and along the way so many magical meetings and events have coincided. Your story is full of magic and synchronicity. Here’s the blurb for Arielle Immortal Fury, her latest release.

Arielle Immortal Fury

A memory of love…

On her return to the present from a time-travel journey to sixteenth-century Calais, France, college co-ed Arielle Lloyd anticipates a joyful welcome from her immortal fiancé, Sebastian Gaulle. She is stunned to discover that he doesn’t remember their time together there and wonders, has she lost him forever?

Danger from afar…

As Sebastian tries to shake loose his disturbing memories and solve the enigma of Arielle’s haunting eyes, the Russian Mafia ups the stakes in their deadly game to steal crucial documents from his company. Then an envelope arrives with photos of Arielle. The message is clear: if Sebastian fails to meet their demands, his love will pay the price with her life.

A love across all time…

Sebastian and his associates join forces with Interpol in a race to thwart the Russians’ plans. In the global battle, the Russians have made a serious mistake. They have threatened the beloved of an indestructible immortal, a woman Sebastian only now realizes he has loved across the centuries.

Thank you again for sharing your story, Lilian! You can connect with Lilian Roberts at these sites:











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It's here! SEPTEMBER FIRST, the dramatic prequel to SEPTEMBER ENDS, is live on Amazon! As a favor to our many friends, the anonymous English Poet and I are releasing the book at the launch price of 99c for a limited time.

Cover by Robin Ludwig Design Inc.

The most difficult good byes are the ones you never get to say.

September First is the prequel to the best-selling literary romance September Ends, twelve hours of life lived on the edge of insanity, where creative talent is a Janus-faced blessing.

Twelve short, intense hours in the lives of English Poets, Jack O. Savage and Indie Shadwick, ending in a passionate culmination. "Live to love and love to live, Jack" says Indie, a genius trapped in a bi-polar world of dysfunction. The love of her life is Jack O Savage, adored by millions. Will her violent jealousy ruin everything? Indie Shadwick inspires her lover to storm the world with his creations, but all he wants is a life with chickens and children. The poems ruin everything by clamoring, begging her to give them form. Something must give. The shadow of psychosis stalks her mind but can Jack's love save her in the end?


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The Immortal Rapture Series #FallMustReads

The seasons are changing and we’re all looking for something different to do, something different to read, right? It’s nice to simply curl up on the weekend with a book that takes you to another place and time. A place where you can pretend with a child like innocence and enjoy the experience of reading. Occasionally, you want a book where an adventure and dreams come true. An invitation to magic…The Immortal Rapture Series will take you on such a journey. Author Lilian Roberts has created a beautiful world in her novels, The Immortal Rapture Series. Thus far, she has written books five novels in this series? Will there so a sixth novel? Let’s hope so.  Here’s more about the series and the author.


An invitation to magic…
As the love story between engineering student Arielle Lloyd and her Immortal fiancé, the striking Sebastian Gaulle, continues, Arielle is invited to attend a meeting of the secret Veneti Society. She readily accepts as she must learn to use her powerful amulet and mystical book of spells to protect herself from constant danger.
Dangerous mortals…
Sebastian’s company is about to introduce advanced security systems to protect their global operations, but the head of Russian intelligence is determined to infiltrate the company and use it to his own ends. The Russians failed once, but they’ve vowed to stop at nothing this time, even if it means the destruction of all that Sebastian loves.
A journey to the past…
As a gift from her Immortal friend Eva, Arielle is whisked back in time to the 16th century to a glittering ball in Calais. There, she meets Sebastian as a mortal man, before he was given immortality. Although he does not recognize her, their souls connect instantly. But a jealous Immortal wants to possess Arielle as his own and vows to hunt her through eternity — and he’s not the only one. With this new evil threatening her, Arielle’s ancient amulet and her powerful friends may not be enough to keep her safe.”
The  bodice  was  a  burgundy  color  with  a  soft  velvet  crimson  skirt   that   hugged   her   body   stunningly.   It   was   embroidered   all   over   with   beautiful  stones  and  pearls.  Arielle’s  jaw  dropped  in  astonishment.   Gabrielle  looked  in  the  mirror  and  covered  her  mouth  with her  hand   trying  to  hold  back  a  cry  of  exhilaration.
“Oh…   my…   you   look   amazing!”   Arielle   exclaimed,   unable   to   believe   her   eyes.   Gabrielle   kept   that   happy   smile   on   her   face   as   she   walked  back  and  forth  a  couple  times,  and  then  moved  in  front  of  the   full-­length   mirror.   They   heard   her   let   out   a   cry of   joy   while   Arielle   watched  her  bounce  back  towards  them.
“All   right,   Arielle,   you   are   next,”   Eva’s   voice   startled   her.   Eva   walked   in   front   of   her   with   a   soft   smile.   She   took   a   quick   glimpse   at   Arielle’?s   drawing   and   closed   her   eyes.   The   gown   appeared   out   of   nowhere.   Arielle   had   an   extraordinary   feeling   as   she   stood   in   the   middle   of   the   room   in   the   magical   dress.   It   looked   more   amazing   than   what   she   had   drawn.   She   heard   Gabrielle   and   Eva   cry   out   in   astonishment,   and   she   knew   that   her   choice   was   exquisite.   She   walked   over  to  the full-­length  mirror  and  let  out  a  cry  of  bliss.  The  beauty  of   the   girl  that   looked  back   at   her   was  beyond   anything  she   had   pictured   in  her  mind.
The   dress   was   magnificent.   The   bodice   was   made   out   of   light   blue   brocade   that   accentuated   the   color   of   Arielle’s   eyes.   It   hugged   her   body   tightly,   emphasizing   her   figure.   The   neck   was   a   V-­shape   cut   low   and   decorated   with   beautiful   sapphire   stones   along   the   edges.  Arielle  thought  it  complemented  her  alabaster  skin.  The  skirt   was  made  out  of  several  yards  of  dark  blue velvet  that  hung  open  in   the   front   disclosing   another   beautiful   light   blue   silk   skirt   embroidered   with   pearls.   Beautiful   jewels   lined   the   edges   of   the   velvet   skirt.   The   sleeves  flowed  down  her  arms,  giving  the  dress  a  graceful  look.
Eva   turned   her   immortal   powers   onto   herself   next.   When   she   was   finished  she  looked  more  like  a  porcelain  doll  than  a  real person.
“Eva,  you  look  fantastic!”  Arielle  exclaimed.  “I  don’t  think  I  have   ever  seen  a  person  more  beautiful  that  you.”
Eva   chuckled,   extremely   pleased.   “Oh,   it’s   just   my   immortal   looks,”   she  said,  waving  her  hand  dismissively.  “But,  look  at  the two  of  you!”  she   added,   pointing   at   Arielle   and   Gabrielle.   “You   both   look   unbelievably   gorgeous.”
Lilian Roberts is a corporate engineer. College, marriage, the corporate world, and a beloved daughter kept Lilian’s writing on the back burner for many years. It wasn’t until later on in life that she decided to sit in front of the computer and finally put her thoughts on paper. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, and her golden retriever. She is an avid reader and loves novels that feature characters draped in passion, mystery, and adventure. She is especially fascinated with the concept of immortality.
“Arielle Immortal Awakening” is the first volume in the Immortal Rapture series of paranormal romance books for adults. A mortal soul that falls madly in love with an Immortal man. Their passion is timeless. The paranormal romance series will include eight books in total. In this series, while sharing with her readers the development of the romance between the hero Sebastian and heroine Arielle, she also takes the opportunity to share some of the amazing locations in the South of France, England and Australia.
“Arielle Immortal Seduction” Is the second book in the series that lets the readers know more about the characters in the story and brings the unfolding of their romance, mystery, and adventure. This is the time of waiting, the time of renewal and the time of danger.
“Arielle Immortal Passion” gives the reader amazing views of the South of France and a lot of excitement as Sebastian’s past continues to haunt him. The Immortal Annabel the hero’s Ex still lusts for vengeance and seeks to destroy Sebastian’s new love.
“Arielle Immortal Quickening” the fourth book in the series. It combines the quest for vengeance with an immortal choice on a fatal night.
“Arielle Immortal Journey” the fifth book in the series continues the romantic saga. As the love story between engineering student Arielle Lloyd and her Immortal fiancé, the striking Sebastian Gaulle, continues, more people that are after Sebastian’s company vowed to stop at nothing this time, even if it means the destruction of all that Sebastian loves. An amazing addition to this volume is a Journey to the past where Arielle meets Sebastian as a mortal man, before he was given immortality.
Lilian has a contract with a the publishing house Booktrope, which has released books one through five in the series.
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