Sunday, June 1, 2014

Grabs You By the Throat & Does Not Let Go!

Give me a second to catch my breath. That's the feeling Allen Renfro's novel AMBIGUITY will leave with you. From the very first page you are on the edge of your seat knowing you're about to take a wild ride that you won't soon forget.
Ambiguity kicks off with a tragic, violent event that catapults the story into both an amazing mystery and a story of healing, of coming to terms with one's own inner demons. You are witness to this terror as it unfolds in the first few chapters of the book and you are drawn into the horrors of a nightmare all of us have seen too many times in the real world. From the initial shock and denial, to the realization that a loved one could be dead you will grieve with the characters as they try to understand and accept for what most of us would be unimaginable. But that's just the beginning.

The characters go through the most human of emotions, wanting to blame someone, anyone for what happens. And then when they realize those they love have also been keeping secrets the ripple effect makes for emotional story telling. The finger pointing and anger that we see in the characters reflect the same reactions we would have if such a tragedy happened to us.
And just when you think this is a story of recovering from one tragedy Renfro surprises with a chilling twist that will keep you up at night turning the pages to find out just exactly what is going on. And when you find out don't be surprised if you gasp out loud!
Ambiguity is not only a brilliant thriller with many shocking twists and turns, it is an emotional story of healing and redemption, of love and acceptance. You will be angry, you will be sad, you will be riveted! Ambiguity should be on everyone's #SummerMustReads list. It made mine. Read this book. You'll be glad you did.


The phone rings.

Will is glad he didn't go straight to bed after his shift. The call is probably Derek. After a night of bar hopping he’s probably too drunk to drive and needs a ride home.

At such a late hour Reverend Wallace wonders which elderly member of his congregation has died.

Nearly asleep Laura knows she shouldn't answer the phone in the middle of the night, but it could be her husband who is out of town.

They are wrong.

In the wake of a senseless and horrific crime a city is torn apart and a nation is in shock. As investigators delve into the lives of the suspect and the victims they unravel an even darker mystery. A grieving community will struggle to deal with the consequences of the secrets that are revealed. Secrets that will leave no life untouched. 

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