Tuesday, June 17, 2014

SURVIVING the STORM by Sherry A. Burton #SummerMustRead

Following a tragic year, Abby thinks she is making a wise choice when she agrees to marry Jacob. While admittedly not in love with him, he has always made her feel safe and protected. That feeling quickly dissipates when he reveals his true colors on their wedding day. With no means to escape, Abby must decide her fate. Not willing to bend to her new husband’s rule, she is in a fight for survival, and a desperate race to discover what secrets he is keeping from her. Secrets that threaten to destroy the very foundation of her soul. Set in New Orleans during a storm that devastated so many, Surviving the Storm is a tension-building tale of suspense that does not let up until the two storms collide.

This is one of those fantastic books that you just have to read. If possible, I would give it ten stars. Yeah, it's that good. Get your copy today on Amazon!

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