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It's here! SEPTEMBER FIRST, the dramatic prequel to SEPTEMBER ENDS, is live on Amazon! As a favor to our many friends, the anonymous English Poet and I are releasing the book at the launch price of 99c for a limited time.

Cover by Robin Ludwig Design Inc.

The most difficult good byes are the ones you never get to say.

September First is the prequel to the best-selling literary romance September Ends, twelve hours of life lived on the edge of insanity, where creative talent is a Janus-faced blessing.

Twelve short, intense hours in the lives of English Poets, Jack O. Savage and Indie Shadwick, ending in a passionate culmination. "Live to love and love to live, Jack" says Indie, a genius trapped in a bi-polar world of dysfunction. The love of her life is Jack O Savage, adored by millions. Will her violent jealousy ruin everything? Indie Shadwick inspires her lover to storm the world with his creations, but all he wants is a life with chickens and children. The poems ruin everything by clamoring, begging her to give them form. Something must give. The shadow of psychosis stalks her mind but can Jack's love save her in the end?


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The Immortal Rapture Series #FallMustReads

The seasons are changing and we’re all looking for something different to do, something different to read, right? It’s nice to simply curl up on the weekend with a book that takes you to another place and time. A place where you can pretend with a child like innocence and enjoy the experience of reading. Occasionally, you want a book where an adventure and dreams come true. An invitation to magic…The Immortal Rapture Series will take you on such a journey. Author Lilian Roberts has created a beautiful world in her novels, The Immortal Rapture Series. Thus far, she has written books five novels in this series? Will there so a sixth novel? Let’s hope so.  Here’s more about the series and the author.


An invitation to magic…
As the love story between engineering student Arielle Lloyd and her Immortal fiancé, the striking Sebastian Gaulle, continues, Arielle is invited to attend a meeting of the secret Veneti Society. She readily accepts as she must learn to use her powerful amulet and mystical book of spells to protect herself from constant danger.
Dangerous mortals…
Sebastian’s company is about to introduce advanced security systems to protect their global operations, but the head of Russian intelligence is determined to infiltrate the company and use it to his own ends. The Russians failed once, but they’ve vowed to stop at nothing this time, even if it means the destruction of all that Sebastian loves.
A journey to the past…
As a gift from her Immortal friend Eva, Arielle is whisked back in time to the 16th century to a glittering ball in Calais. There, she meets Sebastian as a mortal man, before he was given immortality. Although he does not recognize her, their souls connect instantly. But a jealous Immortal wants to possess Arielle as his own and vows to hunt her through eternity — and he’s not the only one. With this new evil threatening her, Arielle’s ancient amulet and her powerful friends may not be enough to keep her safe.”
The  bodice  was  a  burgundy  color  with  a  soft  velvet  crimson  skirt   that   hugged   her   body   stunningly.   It   was   embroidered   all   over   with   beautiful  stones  and  pearls.  Arielle’s  jaw  dropped  in  astonishment.   Gabrielle  looked  in  the  mirror  and  covered  her  mouth  with her  hand   trying  to  hold  back  a  cry  of  exhilaration.
“Oh…   my…   you   look   amazing!”   Arielle   exclaimed,   unable   to   believe   her   eyes.   Gabrielle   kept   that   happy   smile   on   her   face   as   she   walked  back  and  forth  a  couple  times,  and  then  moved  in  front  of  the   full-­length   mirror.   They   heard   her   let   out   a   cry of   joy   while   Arielle   watched  her  bounce  back  towards  them.
“All   right,   Arielle,   you   are   next,”   Eva’s   voice   startled   her.   Eva   walked   in   front   of   her   with   a   soft   smile.   She   took   a   quick   glimpse   at   Arielle’?s   drawing   and   closed   her   eyes.   The   gown   appeared   out   of   nowhere.   Arielle   had   an   extraordinary   feeling   as   she   stood   in   the   middle   of   the   room   in   the   magical   dress.   It   looked   more   amazing   than   what   she   had   drawn.   She   heard   Gabrielle   and   Eva   cry   out   in   astonishment,   and   she   knew   that   her   choice   was   exquisite.   She   walked   over  to  the full-­length  mirror  and  let  out  a  cry  of  bliss.  The  beauty  of   the   girl  that   looked  back   at   her   was  beyond   anything  she   had   pictured   in  her  mind.
The   dress   was   magnificent.   The   bodice   was   made   out   of   light   blue   brocade   that   accentuated   the   color   of   Arielle’s   eyes.   It   hugged   her   body   tightly,   emphasizing   her   figure.   The   neck   was   a   V-­shape   cut   low   and   decorated   with   beautiful   sapphire   stones   along   the   edges.  Arielle  thought  it  complemented  her  alabaster  skin.  The  skirt   was  made  out  of  several  yards  of  dark  blue velvet  that  hung  open  in   the   front   disclosing   another   beautiful   light   blue   silk   skirt   embroidered   with   pearls.   Beautiful   jewels   lined   the   edges   of   the   velvet   skirt.   The   sleeves  flowed  down  her  arms,  giving  the  dress  a  graceful  look.
Eva   turned   her   immortal   powers   onto   herself   next.   When   she   was   finished  she  looked  more  like  a  porcelain  doll  than  a  real person.
“Eva,  you  look  fantastic!”  Arielle  exclaimed.  “I  don’t  think  I  have   ever  seen  a  person  more  beautiful  that  you.”
Eva   chuckled,   extremely   pleased.   “Oh,   it’s   just   my   immortal   looks,”   she  said,  waving  her  hand  dismissively.  “But,  look  at  the two  of  you!”  she   added,   pointing   at   Arielle   and   Gabrielle.   “You   both   look   unbelievably   gorgeous.”
Lilian Roberts is a corporate engineer. College, marriage, the corporate world, and a beloved daughter kept Lilian’s writing on the back burner for many years. It wasn’t until later on in life that she decided to sit in front of the computer and finally put her thoughts on paper. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, and her golden retriever. She is an avid reader and loves novels that feature characters draped in passion, mystery, and adventure. She is especially fascinated with the concept of immortality.
“Arielle Immortal Awakening” is the first volume in the Immortal Rapture series of paranormal romance books for adults. A mortal soul that falls madly in love with an Immortal man. Their passion is timeless. The paranormal romance series will include eight books in total. In this series, while sharing with her readers the development of the romance between the hero Sebastian and heroine Arielle, she also takes the opportunity to share some of the amazing locations in the South of France, England and Australia.
“Arielle Immortal Seduction” Is the second book in the series that lets the readers know more about the characters in the story and brings the unfolding of their romance, mystery, and adventure. This is the time of waiting, the time of renewal and the time of danger.
“Arielle Immortal Passion” gives the reader amazing views of the South of France and a lot of excitement as Sebastian’s past continues to haunt him. The Immortal Annabel the hero’s Ex still lusts for vengeance and seeks to destroy Sebastian’s new love.
“Arielle Immortal Quickening” the fourth book in the series. It combines the quest for vengeance with an immortal choice on a fatal night.
“Arielle Immortal Journey” the fifth book in the series continues the romantic saga. As the love story between engineering student Arielle Lloyd and her Immortal fiancé, the striking Sebastian Gaulle, continues, more people that are after Sebastian’s company vowed to stop at nothing this time, even if it means the destruction of all that Sebastian loves. An amazing addition to this volume is a Journey to the past where Arielle meets Sebastian as a mortal man, before he was given immortality.
Lilian has a contract with a the publishing house Booktrope, which has released books one through five in the series.
You can follow Lilian Here: 

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Cafe In The Park 18+ NSFW

Thank you for inviting me to your blog today Hunter, it’s lovely to be here.
I’m talking about my muse today. I’ve been asked countless times about what has inspired a story or about my muse. I always have some unexpected (for me) inspiration behind a story. Even a tiny thing can seed a story for me. I hesitate to name my muse as any one thing. Certainly, my muses are far away from the traditional ancient goddesses of the arts. It’s rare for me to have the same muse for two stories. Unless I have the god of dreams whispering in my ear and simply don’t know it, I attribute my stories to experiences, scenes, glimpses of other people’s lives, emotions, sometimes pictures, once or twice, a photograph.
Behind my love stories is always the thread of hope that somewhere in the world real love exists for some people. I always write happy endings. I simply have to. It usually just happens in my story as I write, but if it didn’t I’m sure I would contrive it.
I have a new release book from Siren Publishing, Café in the Park. It’s an erotic romance, which means the bedroom door is open in the love scenes. We get to experience the passion, lust and love each character has for the other. What inspired Café in the Park?
Over the summer, I noticed an upsurge of advertisements for dating agencies. After seeing a few for a leading matching site, I found myself grinning at the models used in the visuals for the person a client might meet. Then the idea for a story of a lonely woman who joins a dating site and actually meets her dream man seeded, but I couldn’t let him be a normal man, because I don’t really believe in the reality of internet or agency dating. Maybe I’ve only heard the horror stories. (smiles) The photos on the dating sites simply didn’t match with the models used in their advertisements and then I thought what if behind one of those photos lay a gorgeous man who had to hide his appearance for some reason?
Chris Donato, my hero, in Café in the Park, had to be different, a fantasy, a paranormal character, so that I could use the idea for a story at all.
I’ve always been interested in ancient history and know a few legends that have grown up around sacred sites across the world. I find Roman history fascinating. I combined a legend I know about a lost Roman legion and a legend from Native Americans to form the basis for why Chris Donato is what he is. The premise of his absolute origins still remains vague within the story because he must retain an air of mystery for me, so let’s just say he is ancient.
I always fall in love with my characters. Chris, and Emily, my heroine, are very loveable. Emily is so recognizable, a pretty, intelligent woman, longing for love and yet without the environment to find it. Chris is the quintessential paranormal hero, a mystery, an enigma, and yet desperate for love because of his life experience. He’s also a modern hero, a singer and guitar player in a rock band, and a competent businessperson. He’s sexy, kind, gorgeous, adorable, and something else…
 Read an excerpt 18+ NSFW
Emily came with a long, low moan, gasping and writhing on his tongue and fingers.
His eyes closed, he breathed in her scent. His cock jerked and grew as she groaned and thrust. This was more than he’d ever felt. It was bliss to hear and feel her come. He thrust his hard cock on the soft side of the sofa cushion.
Her hands teased at his ears as she reached down to hold his head.
Instinctively he knew she wanted to kiss him.
He let go of her clit regretfully and pulled his fingers from the lovely surround of her pussy. He kissed lovingly up her stomach to her mouth. His hand cupping a breast to soak up the softness there, he kissed her between whispers. “You’re so gorgeous and so sexy. I could make love to you forever. Never leave this place, never stop.”
Emily reached one hand to his cock. She shuffled to reach his balls with the other. She traced there, her fingertips moving over his skin.
Streams of sensation sent his hips thrusting in little involuntary jerks.
She tightened her grip on his cock.
“You’re hard again. That’s so yummy. Stand up. Let me suck you. I want to.”
Chris didn’t think he could stand up. His legs felt like jelly, but the lure of having her mouth on his cock was irresistible. He pulled away from her and stood.
She shifted to sit on the edge of the sofa. She brought him between her thighs to kiss the head of his cock.
That alone nearly made him come.
She licked along the shaft of his cock, held him, and sucked at the head as if he was a lollipop.
He moved to her sucks, his hands fisting in her hair. The feel of her lips going up and down his cock and the way she took most of his cock into her mouth made him sweat. He tried not to thrust into her mouth, tried not to grip her head hard. Sweat trickled down his back between his shoulders and filmed on his chest muscles.
She sucked deep until he growled with each one and then his orgasm hit him. It threw him forward into her mouth. The hot shooting cum filled her mouth and scorched the lower shaft of his cock as she held his ass and let him thrust into her mouth.
When the orgasm finished, the need to fall at her feet was so strong he bent to her ear.
“Emily, let’s lie down. I want to hold you close.”
She took his cock from her mouth. Kissed the head and stood.
“We’ll go to bed. Let’s go to bed.” She pulled him along by the hand to her bedroom.
Chris felt so spent, and so loved, with a soft sound of satisfaction, he let her lead him. When they were in her bedroom, he picked her up and laid her on the quilt. He kissed her tenderly before he lay down beside her and gathered her against his body possessively. She was his love now. He would never let her go.
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014, Siren Publishing All Rights Reserved

Available at 10% launch discount on the Siren Publishing website, Cafe in the Park, erotic, paranormal romance.
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About Elodie:
Elodie Parkes is a British author writing romance, erotic, contemporary, and often with a twist of mystery, paranormal or suspense. Her books are always steamy, cool stories and hot love scenes.
Elodie lives in Canterbury with her two dogs. She works in an antique shop by day and writes at night, loving the cloak of silent darkness that descends on the rural countryside around her home.
She has also released titles as an individual indie author.
Find Elodie online: Blog  Tumblr  Facebook  Twitter 

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Atlanta, GA August 25, 2014

It's official. The best selling novel SEPTEMBER ENDS by Hunter S.Jones & An Anonymous English Poet has won Best Independently Published Romance of the Year by eFestival of Words. eFestival of Words Virtual Book Fair is the host of the annual Best of the Independent eBook Awards. You can access the site and the list of winners at To qualify for an award , a book must be peer nominated by numerous sources, then judged by a panel of editors, publishers and agents before the Finalists are announced. Once the Finalists are announced, the awards are based on popular votes, with a Winner and Runner-Up being named in each category. 

SEPTEMBER ENDS is an epistolary novel. The story is told through diary entries, emails, chat rooms and poetry. It is contemporary fiction with erotic and supernatural elements bound by poetry. Folloiwng are introductions to the three main characters, Liz Snow, Pete Hendrix and Jack O. Savage.

I am Liz Snow, Elizabeth October Snow, from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Actually I’m from a small town in north Georgia called LaFayette. My grandfather died suddenly when I was young, then I saw my only brother die in a useless traffic accident. So, you see, I’m not your typical girl. Years of anti-depressants, alcohol and bad relationships have damaged me emotionally. I hide myself in my career as a software executive. I never really knew what love was until meeting Peter William Hendrix III of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Or at least that’s what I thought until Pete’s betrayal.

I’m successful, some say handsome, attorney Pete Hendrix of the firm Hendrix, Hendrix & Smith in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA. I attended undergrad at Vanderbilt University, graduated law school with honors and returned to Chattanooga to run the family law firm. I live the life my mother always wanted for me. As often as possible, go to my cabin on Walden Ridge. There, I swim in the clear, cool water from the cave, read and spend time in solitude looking onto the scenic Sequatchie Valley, the sacred hunting grounds of the Cherokee Nation before the Trail of Tears. My life is structured and secure. But, I never expected to meet a girl like Liz Snow. I loved Liz with my heart and soul. Then, she discovered my secret.

English poet, novelist, and founder member of The Renaissance Bards trio of spoken word artists, Jack O Savage leapt to prominence on being expelled from Jesus College, Oxford for allegedly plotting an arson attack on the college in which he supposedly planned to 'raise English successist complacency to its foundations', though no charges were ever brought against him. The Sun tabloid newspaper ran a story proclaiming POSH POET GETS CHOP referring to Savage's 'chopper protest' in which he was arrested for 'leaping atop a 17th century oak refectory table and lewdly flaunting his generous masculinity' at a formal disciplinary hearing, a gesture which he later repeated in public and which subsequently went viral on YouTube, receiving over 100 million hits in under two hours.

You can order a copy here, or order a paperback through CreateSpace. As of today, thanks to Nashville's Ingram Spark, you can order a copy of SEPTEMBER ENDS from your local book store, no matter where you are on the globe! 

Thank you to everyone who made this possible for me and thank you to everyone who will take the time to read SEPTEMBER ENDS and the September Stories. 

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Bound by the Buccaneer by Normandie Alleman

Bound by the Buccaneer by Normandie Alleman

Meet Gaston Galette, the pirate with a patch and hero of the Pirates of the Jolie Rouge Trilogy.

What past event in your character’s life has defined them the most? Gaston’s first wife and their child dying during childbirth. After that he left his plantation in the Carolinas and sailed to the Caribbean where he became a pirate.
What is your character’s biggest vice? His sex games with his “slave” Frederica. He loves to tie her up with rope and have his way with her.
Who is your character's confidant? Hatch, a giant of a pirate who has been with him for years. But as Hatch and Frederica form more of a bond, Gaston feels less and less like he can go to his old friend with his troubles. Unfortunately, Gaston finds himself quite isolated in Bound by the Buccaneer and seeks solace in the bottle.
What is the thing that has frightened your character most? Since his wife died and he knows how fragile life is, he fears he will lose Frederica as well.
Does your character believe in revenge?  If so, how did they get it? Gaston does believe in revenge. I think it is part of the pirate code, and he and Frederica will seek theirs with Captain Humphrey who kidnapped and abused Frederica in the third book of the trilogy so you’ll just have to wait and see.

Excerpt from Normandie Alleman's latest erotic historical novella, Bound by the Buccaneer.
“You love knowing I can’t escape, don’t you? That I’m all yours,” Frederica teased, tugging at the restraints that bound her wrists to the bed.
            Gaston raised a brow to her. “And what if I do?” He asked, untying the ropes from her wrists. “You know how much it excites me to see you all bound and helpless. Don’t you like being my own personal little whore?” Mischief danced in his visible brown eye. The other hid behind a black patch, injured in battle.
            She touched a finger to her lips and rolled her eyes in mock consideration.
            Before she had a chance to answer his rather rhetorical question, he pounced on her. His weight upon her gave her a feeling of warmth and security she felt at no other time than lying under him.
            “Liar,” he whispered into her ear, his mouth trailing down her neck. “Tell me how much you love it.” Then he proceeded to tickle her ribs which sent her into a gale of giggles.
            “Must I resort to the gag again?” He waved a red kerchief in the air playfully.
            Her laughter made it difficult to speak. “Yes, yes, I love it.” Her voice reached a high-pitched squeal.
            He ceased the tickling and sensually covered her mouth with his hand. “You must remain quiet or I will be forced to quiet you.” With each word his mouth traveled lower on her body, accentuating every word with a kiss.
            Gaston hated for her to be too loud during their lovemaking. He worried that if the crew heard them, it would cause trouble. It wasn’t exactly fair for the Captain to be the only man aboard with a woman to bed every night. It was unclear to her whether he was more worried the pirates would rape her or if he feared they would stage a mutiny of his leadership, or both. Either was a potential problem if the men grew irritable enough.
            So she tried to be quiet, but it was difficult considering the way Gaston brought her to such heights of ecstasy. Though she’d been a virgin when they met, and therefore inexperienced, she had no doubt he had talents in the bedroom that exceeded those of most men.
            All he had to do was look at her a certain way, and Frederica’s body responded to him. His kisses awakened a fire inside her that only he could douse. “I know how you can keep me quiet,” she breathed huskily.

Bound by the Buccaneer

Two years have passed since Frederica joined Gaston aboard the Ocean’s Knave, and with every passing hour they have fallen more deeply in love. By day she is the ship’s physician, but at night she serves her captain in his bed, offering her body for him to punish and pleasure until she begs for more. But after a successful run of raiding other pirate ships, the couple have a target on their backs.
Their only hope is to form an alliance with a trio of like-minded captains, but in order to guarantee the cooperation of these unyielding, battle-hardened men, Gaston is forced to offer them a night with Frederica. Reluctantly, she agrees to be shared with the men, but afterwards Gaston finds it difficult to forgive himself for bartering Frederica’s charms. As jealousy and desperation threaten to consume him, will Gaston lose his beloved Frederica or can he weather the storm and find a way to bind her to him forever?
Publisher’s Note: Bound by the Buccaneer is the second book of the Pirates of the Jolie Rouge trilogy, which began with Rescued by the Buccaneer. It is an adventure and erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes including a foursome, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more.
You can pick up your copy of Bound by the Buccaneer today:
Since the Pirate of the Jolie Rouge Trilogy is best read in order, here’s more about the first book:

Rescued by the Buccaneer

When Frederica Beauchamp boards a ship for the Americas, she dreams of a life filled with adventure, but she gets more than she bargained for when her passenger ship is attacked by pirates.  The heartless men kidnap her and force her to serve their captain—a fate that might be worse than death, since though he does not have his way with her, the captain delights in baring her, shaming her, and thrashing her bare bottom as punishment for every imagined disobedience.

After the pirates bring aboard an injured man found floating in the sea, Frederica tends to his wounds and learns that he is Gaston Galette, a survivor of a shipwrecked vessel. Gaston seeks her help to overthrow the vile captain, but when their plan goes awry he is forced to use all of his wiles to save them. As the naïve girl and the seasoned sailor navigate one perilous situation after another, he informs Frederica that the only way they can survive is if he is in command, and that if she thinks things can be otherwise, she will be taken over his knee for a bare bottom spanking.

As he watches the proud, willful Frederica bow to his authority, however, Gaston worries that her growing hold on his heart will be his downfall. He knows he cannot take a woman with him when he returns to his ship and crew, but when Frederica accepts his lustful dominance completely, submitting to him with grace and beauty no other woman could match, Gaston realizes that he may never be able to let her go.

Publisher’s Note: Rescued by the Buccaneer is the first book of the Pirates of the Jolie Rouge trilogy. It is an adventure and erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes including elements of BDSM and humiliation, and more.
You can find Rescued by the Buccaneer here:
Barnes & Noble:

About the Author
A former psychologist, Normandie has always been fascinated by human behavior. She loves writing quirky characters that are all too human. Fiber arts, baking, and Pinterest are a few of her favorite pastimes. She lives on a farm with a passel of kids, an adorable husband, and a pet pig who’s crazy for Red Bull.
Find her here:
Twitter at @NormandieA

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SPILT MILK by D.K. Cassidy #SummerMustReads

Looking for a short read? One which will make you laugh and cry? Sigh and remember? Look no further because I have just the book for you. SPILT MILK: A Collection of Stories by D.K. Cassidy is one of those lovely little books that you cannot put down. It is perfect to read on the train into work, on a lazy weekend afternoon or just to have on your device to a quick story following lunch or at break time. This book hit Amazon’s Best Seller lists right out of the gate. Let me give you more info, then you can download it and see for yourself why so many people are loving

 SPILT MILK: A Collection of Stories


Within these pages you will meet an array of characters making choices. Each brief story deliberately distills a life’s essence.
Mika Sugano’s original drawings compliment each of D. K. Cassidy’s flashes of fiction, heightening these refreshing ideas and themes on the page.
Welcome to urban Gothic stories that are droll, horrific, and thought provoking all in one.
 George , a child who collects things
Cinderella’s stepmother in therapy
  • A paraplegic finds her true life
  • Caleb, unwanted, neglected, now grown
  • Jared, baptized in a coffee world
  • A mother lost in her torn past
  • And six others
  • ~~~
Excerpt from the story Bee’s Knees
 They lifted her off the first table and put her on a cold steel platform. Just in case. The nurse transferring all her tubes with a veteran’s efficiency. Trying to maintain her dignity by covering the woman’s body.
Feel great, she joked. The fast ride through the hospital corridor, the orderly weaving between oncoming groups of people, made her remember amusement rides. He backed into an operating room and stopped next to the table that was to be the new mother’splace for the birth of her child.
Like a magician’s assistant, body sawed in half, the epidermal made her think, Magical! She glanced down to the chilled table, not sure the orderly remembered to transfer her lower half.
Buzzing in her toes alerted the young mother. She wasn’t supposed to be feeling anything. The bees crept up her knees. Then she saw panic in her doctor’s eyes.
D.K. Cassidy has been scribbling stories since she was a child and loves to write in various genres including Magical Realism, Urban Gothic, Science Fiction, and Literary Fiction. She has a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Washington.
D.K. Cassidy lives in the Pacific Northwest with her greatest fans: her husband Mark, twin sons Aidan and Jared, and three cats. When not writing, she loves to travel, run, knit, use the Oxford comma, and of course read!
If you like her work please follow her: