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Atlanta, GA August 25, 2014

It's official. The best selling novel SEPTEMBER ENDS by Hunter S.Jones & An Anonymous English Poet has won Best Independently Published Romance of the Year by eFestival of Words. eFestival of Words Virtual Book Fair is the host of the annual Best of the Independent eBook Awards. You can access the site and the list of winners at To qualify for an award , a book must be peer nominated by numerous sources, then judged by a panel of editors, publishers and agents before the Finalists are announced. Once the Finalists are announced, the awards are based on popular votes, with a Winner and Runner-Up being named in each category. 

SEPTEMBER ENDS is an epistolary novel. The story is told through diary entries, emails, chat rooms and poetry. It is contemporary fiction with erotic and supernatural elements bound by poetry. Folloiwng are introductions to the three main characters, Liz Snow, Pete Hendrix and Jack O. Savage.

I am Liz Snow, Elizabeth October Snow, from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Actually I’m from a small town in north Georgia called LaFayette. My grandfather died suddenly when I was young, then I saw my only brother die in a useless traffic accident. So, you see, I’m not your typical girl. Years of anti-depressants, alcohol and bad relationships have damaged me emotionally. I hide myself in my career as a software executive. I never really knew what love was until meeting Peter William Hendrix III of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Or at least that’s what I thought until Pete’s betrayal.

I’m successful, some say handsome, attorney Pete Hendrix of the firm Hendrix, Hendrix & Smith in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA. I attended undergrad at Vanderbilt University, graduated law school with honors and returned to Chattanooga to run the family law firm. I live the life my mother always wanted for me. As often as possible, go to my cabin on Walden Ridge. There, I swim in the clear, cool water from the cave, read and spend time in solitude looking onto the scenic Sequatchie Valley, the sacred hunting grounds of the Cherokee Nation before the Trail of Tears. My life is structured and secure. But, I never expected to meet a girl like Liz Snow. I loved Liz with my heart and soul. Then, she discovered my secret.

English poet, novelist, and founder member of The Renaissance Bards trio of spoken word artists, Jack O Savage leapt to prominence on being expelled from Jesus College, Oxford for allegedly plotting an arson attack on the college in which he supposedly planned to 'raise English successist complacency to its foundations', though no charges were ever brought against him. The Sun tabloid newspaper ran a story proclaiming POSH POET GETS CHOP referring to Savage's 'chopper protest' in which he was arrested for 'leaping atop a 17th century oak refectory table and lewdly flaunting his generous masculinity' at a formal disciplinary hearing, a gesture which he later repeated in public and which subsequently went viral on YouTube, receiving over 100 million hits in under two hours.

You can order a copy here, or order a paperback through CreateSpace. As of today, thanks to Nashville's Ingram Spark, you can order a copy of SEPTEMBER ENDS from your local book store, no matter where you are on the globe! 

Thank you to everyone who made this possible for me and thank you to everyone who will take the time to read SEPTEMBER ENDS and the September Stories. 

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