Saturday, August 16, 2014

SPILT MILK by D.K. Cassidy #SummerMustReads

Looking for a short read? One which will make you laugh and cry? Sigh and remember? Look no further because I have just the book for you. SPILT MILK: A Collection of Stories by D.K. Cassidy is one of those lovely little books that you cannot put down. It is perfect to read on the train into work, on a lazy weekend afternoon or just to have on your device to a quick story following lunch or at break time. This book hit Amazon’s Best Seller lists right out of the gate. Let me give you more info, then you can download it and see for yourself why so many people are loving

 SPILT MILK: A Collection of Stories


Within these pages you will meet an array of characters making choices. Each brief story deliberately distills a life’s essence.
Mika Sugano’s original drawings compliment each of D. K. Cassidy’s flashes of fiction, heightening these refreshing ideas and themes on the page.
Welcome to urban Gothic stories that are droll, horrific, and thought provoking all in one.
 George , a child who collects things
Cinderella’s stepmother in therapy
  • A paraplegic finds her true life
  • Caleb, unwanted, neglected, now grown
  • Jared, baptized in a coffee world
  • A mother lost in her torn past
  • And six others
  • ~~~
Excerpt from the story Bee’s Knees
 They lifted her off the first table and put her on a cold steel platform. Just in case. The nurse transferring all her tubes with a veteran’s efficiency. Trying to maintain her dignity by covering the woman’s body.
Feel great, she joked. The fast ride through the hospital corridor, the orderly weaving between oncoming groups of people, made her remember amusement rides. He backed into an operating room and stopped next to the table that was to be the new mother’splace for the birth of her child.
Like a magician’s assistant, body sawed in half, the epidermal made her think, Magical! She glanced down to the chilled table, not sure the orderly remembered to transfer her lower half.
Buzzing in her toes alerted the young mother. She wasn’t supposed to be feeling anything. The bees crept up her knees. Then she saw panic in her doctor’s eyes.
D.K. Cassidy has been scribbling stories since she was a child and loves to write in various genres including Magical Realism, Urban Gothic, Science Fiction, and Literary Fiction. She has a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Washington.
D.K. Cassidy lives in the Pacific Northwest with her greatest fans: her husband Mark, twin sons Aidan and Jared, and three cats. When not writing, she loves to travel, run, knit, use the Oxford comma, and of course read!
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