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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Respectable - Diane Major

Today, please join me in welcoming the super talented and creative Diane Major to exile. Diane has published numerous novels and has more upcoming projects. It is so exciting having her join me today, especially since Diane just released a new book today! (It's a children's book, so you will need to connect with her to learn more about the book and how to purchase it. Because, you all know how explicit my works are, so I'm not comfortable promoting children's books. I AM comfortable promoting Diane!)

 How are you Diane? Thank you for joining me today. This is so exciting! Could you please introduce yourself to our readers in fifty words or less.

I was brought up in a coal mining village in the North East of England. Over the years I worked in Community Development, Adult Learning and Youth Work.  Now, I am retired and enjoy, spending time with my family, writing, gardening, walking and fundraising for a local charity.

What books are you currently reading? Who are your favorite authors?

Over the past months, I have read a number of self published books.  The last book that I finished was something given to me as part of a beta reading group.  It was called The Clearing, by Thomas Rydder, which will be published on the 1 March 2013.  What an adventure!
My favorite authors include: Alyson Noel, Charlaine Harris, Dean Koontz, Stephanie Meyer, Jean Plaidy, plus so many more...

What inspires you to create?

Mm... An idea pops into my head and I immediately write an outline.  From that point everything just develops.  I have to say my outlines look absolutely nothing like the final stories.  As soon as I ‘put pen to paper’ the outline seems to take on its own identity and I let my imagination lead the way. (I smile)

Why did you become an author?

I decided to write, as through my chosen career, I became aware that people sometimes need an escape, particularly when they find themselves facing difficulties, or problems. I hope my writing can help people to take a step back from reality, even if it is only for the time it takes them to read one of my books.

What lead to the creation of the book we're discussing today? Is this book part of a series?

I had originally wanted to write a book based on some historical event.  I began to do research and everything that I was interested in had been written about and published many times. My books up to this point had been fantasy adventure, I therefore decided to broaden this genre to sci fi. That was when Enmitus, The Transformation became an idea.  I did an outline and then the story of Princess Corinna’s journey emerged. This books if the first book about Enmitus and I have completed the follow up, Enmitus – The Children.  If the books take off, I do have an idea for the third, as well as a title.

Can you share an excerpt with us?

From Chapter 7

Alee now silently slips through the gates, then disappears. I now turn to retrace my path when I see Omar and the woman heading to the out building with a lantern in their hand. Once they are far enough across the courtyard I make a dash for the rear door, on reaching it I turn to check whether I have been spotted. It seems Omar is too busy observing that woman who is in the process of opening the outbuilding door; they both appear to be totally oblivious to my presence. I slip through the rear door as I hear the woman howl, I do not look back, but dash to the safety of my room.

The following morning comes quickly and I go to the dining hall where there seems to be some commotion. Omar is dashing around demanding to know whether anyone has seen his servant, a boy named Alee, the one with the wavy hair. No one says they have seen the boy and then I feel a tap on my shoulder which surprises me, I turn.

“Princess Corinna,” the awful woman who is always with my future husband is standing looking into my face; her twisted lips make her look like she is sneering at me, “Have you seen a boy with mousey wavy hair on your travels?”

I instantly feel sick and think she must know that I have interfered.

I look back at her feigning confidence and reply, “I really have no idea who you are talking about.”

The woman looks me up and down before she walks away, as my heart pounds and a shiver ripples through my whole body in an instant. I am hoping Alee is now in a safe place as far away from the tower as possible. While I am out and about the following day it seems the issue around Alee’s disappearance has gone quiet and the servant is never mentioned again.

How can we purchase your book?

My books are available through Amazon and most major on-line book stores.  They are available in e-book, Kindle and paperback.

You can find my books at:

Do you have any other books planned?

Due to requests from readers I am publishing the sequel to Enmitus – The Transformation in the very near future. It is called Enmitus – The Children.

Cover preview:

Connect with Diane at these links:

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Twitter @dianemajor1