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The Emperor's Daughter's New Clothes - A Political Satire

The Emperor’s Daughter’s New Clothes

A Political Satire


Hunter S. Jones

Once upon a time over the mountains and through the valley, in a city by a river there lived an Emperor who had long ago been deposed. His vain, insipid daughter had been appointed to a position in the city, as her father could no longer serve, as deemed by the people. She loved to show herself off to the people and let them say...“Oh she is beautiful.” “Oh she has had a good idea.” “Oh she has done much to help the poor people of this fair city.”

She was so very vain and shallow she believed every word she heard about herself and said, “My people are good. They see my great beauty and believe I will only do the best for them. They are so stupid and ignorant they will never see that I only do what is best for me. They are so very stupid, I will bring up that horrible movie I did years ago. It never made any money. If I make it controversial, they will buy it. I will finally make the money I deserve from it.” And, the Emperor’s daughter thought this was a very good idea.

Being so spoiled and vapid, the Emperor’s daughter began to spend the taxpayer’s money on her own projects. “These are good things” she said. “They are art.” “See this blue albatross? It was only $32,500 but the taxpayer’s money is justified. It is all justified because I want it.” The people are so stupid, they do not know what is good for them, she thought.

As word of her incompetency spread far and wide, the good people of the city begin to complain. “She is wasting our tax money.” “She knows nothing of art.” “She has been in one very bad movie and proclaims that she is an artist.” “She only returned to our fair city because she can’t get a job anywhere else.”

The Emperor’s daughter became even more spoiled and insolent as the years went by. She used money from the taxpayer’s to buy herself a house on the highest hill in the city. She took expensive trips and bought expense clothes. “This is good because I am doing a good job. The city may be losing money and I may be working on my projects on taxpayer’s money but it is good because I am doing what is best for me. If it is best for me, it should be the best for them. The people are ignorant and do not understand how great I am. Once I leave this position, I will take the money and connections that I have made from the taxpayer’s money, get a reality TV show and make even more money. I am so wonderful and so beautiful. I am a legend.

“These people are evil because they do not see how wonderful I am. If they do not agree with me, I will proclaim that they are evil and bullies. Even in a Democracy, the people should never be allowed to speak against me. I was born to rule. My family has ruled this area for years. Even if the people believe it is a Democracy, they are wrong. The people are stupid, evil, bullies.”

One day, to prove how powerful she was, the Emperor’s daughter had the idea of showing herself to her people. “I will show them I have nothing to hide. I will go for a walk naked.”

So, the Emperor’s daughter proceeded to walk down the city’s Main Street. “Look, fair citizens, I have nothing to hide from you.” She said this as she thought…The citizens are so stupid. Once they see my great beauty they will never speak another word against me.

The people said, “She doesn’t have on any clothes.” “She is naked.” “We have already seen her naked in that bad film she did.” “Why would she do this since we have already seen her naked?” “Why is she wasting the taxpayer’s time on something this useless?”

Then, a writer, a lowly writer that had long ago been banished for being of no use to the Emperor’s daughter, spoke up and said “Good citizens, could it be the Emperor’s daughter is delusional?
The moral of the story is this. The Emperor’s daughter is spoiled and vain. She has wasted the taxpayer’s money on her pet projects. Why didn’t the mayor stop it long ago? She has a mother and she has a son.  I feel so very sorry for what they must be going through, but she has brought this upon herself. You have been absolutely correct in asking for her to resign and pointing out the inadequacies of that office.  

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