Sunday, October 21, 2012

All Down The Line

We're gonna open up the throttle yeah
We're gonna bust another bottle yeah
All down the line. 


It's on - Fables of the Reconstruction is a done deal. Let's just check, line by line, what's been accomplished the last few months to get this baby out there:
  • Fables is actually completed, edited and formatted. No small feat that.
  • At least 30 interviews have been scheduled or completed.
  • One blogger said my interview brought in almost double the usual views for a first time indie author. Kewl.
  • Blurt Magazine, the music magazine musician's read, will feature Fables of the Reconstruction in their quarterly print edition - the first time they have promoted an indie author. Kudos to them for being pioneers of all indie artists!
  • Creative Loafing Atlanta is giving Fables a shout out AND an editorial spotlight is pending. Wow. People love it when a Southern girl writes a book about paranormal erotica.
  • The first critique of Fables has been received and the email beautifully said "Original and fascinating." The thought, as an artist, that someone found the work to be original is truly the greatest compliment ever.
  • Guess I'm actually an artist now. I understand how authors, musicians, actors and painters receive inspiration through dreams, coincidences, and random thoughts - and how they translate the concept via their art.

I have a secret. Stay tuned and I'll let you know a bit more in November.

Thank you to everyone that has supported and encouraged me throughout this amazing process. I love you all. You know who you are. xoxo

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